About All Things Assessment

All Things Assessment and the Solution Tree Assessment Center were created to support educators in improving their current assessment culture and practices. All Things Assessment is home to the concepts, strategies, and tools of assessment architects, thought leaders, associates, and practitioners who explore the most current research, apply it, and share their findings in ways meant to inspire changes in classroom assessment practices globally.

New and consistently emerging research highlights the fact that there is a deep gap in the understanding and application of quality classroom assessment. Current and popular assessment practices are aimed at identifying, labeling, and sorting learners. It’s time for a radically different message to be heard and become the norm. It’s time to set assessment practices and policies—from large-scale to classroom-level assessments—on their proper axis. Assessment must be used to build hope, efficacy, and achievement for learners and teachers.

Our Vision

Cultivate assessment literacy for all educators to increase hope, efficacy, and achievement for students and teachers alike.

Our Mission

Empower educators to accurately design and effectively employ a healthy, balanced assessment system to inspire classrooms and the broader, global community.

Our Collaborative Efforts

  • Align the research of thought leaders and expert practitioners to achieve consensus on what quality assessment and formative processes should be to support all learners.
  • Develop research- and evidence-based assessment tools to support the improvement of classroom instruction and student learning as well as districtwide practices and policies.
  • Provide professional development on effective classroom tools, processes, and practices necessary for continuous improvement of both educators and students.
  • Partner with states, districts, schools, and organizations to provide sustained technical assistance, convene a powerful learning network, and create professional development programs and resources to achieve our mission.

Our Approach

  • Partner with practitioners in school districts to collect data and test processes to ensure we continue to be on the cutting edge of assessment methods, tools, policies, and practices in the classroom.
  • Organize collaborative events that bring thought leaders together to promote a common language around assessment.
  • Develop districtwide solutions that have fidelity of implementation and sustainable components.
  • Expand professional development to include embedded coaching and train-the-trainer initiatives.
  • Publish research through whitepapers, blogs, books, etc.
  • Distribute leading ideas and approaches through social media, whitepapers, and this website.

Our Services

  • Create professional learning to support powerful assessment practices (design, use, and collaboration) with differentiated PD for teachers, coaches, administrators, etc.
  • Align staff evaluation systems to support implementation of quality assessment practices.
  • Conduct a needs assessment of your current system.
  • Design action research projects to support implementation.