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Powerful New Book Promotes Collaborative Assessment Practices

This is a guest post by Kelly Rockhill, Solution Tree

Bloomington, Ind. (January 25, 2016)—Solution Tree, a premier educational publisher and professional development provider, announces the release of a powerful new book that seeks to reinvigorate teaching and learning through collaborative assessment practices.

In Collaborative Common Assessments: Teamwork. Instruction. Results., author Cassandra Erkens outlines the practical steps teacher teams must take to establish clear, comprehensive assessment systems that guide instruction and strengthen professional learning communities. “When common assessments are developed and employed properly, as a collaborative, formative system aimed at improving learning for teachers and learners alike,” writes Erkens in the introduction, “the gains in teacher efficacy and student achievement can be staggering.”

Collaborative Common Assessments brings compelling clarity, meaning, and power to the work of common assessments,” writes author, consultant, and assessment expert Nicole Dimich. “Through a well-designed, researched-based framework, this book is an excellent guide for educators in their pursuit of authentic collaboration that helps bring hope and inspiration to students. The practical strategies and tools provide invaluable explanations and ideas that lead to significant collaboration with deep impact on students and teachers alike.”

Author and consultant Tom Schimmer concurs, “Collaborative Common Assessments is set to become the definitive guide for educators who are serious about utilizing common assessments to support learning rather than simply monitoring it. Grounded in research, thorough in explanation, and supported by powerful examples and stories from the field, this book will guide PLCs to use common assessments to impact both learners and teachers in positive, meaningful, results-driven ways.”

Collaborative Common Assessments is now available at solution-tree.com.

About the Author
Cassandra Erkens is a presenter, facilitator, coach, trainer, keynote speaker, author, and teacher. She presents nationally and internationally on assessment, instruction, school improvement, and professional learning communities. In her long career as an educator, she has served as a senior high school English teacher, a director of staff development at the district level, and a regional school improvement facilitator.

About Solution Tree
Solution Tree delivers comprehensive professional development to schools and districts around the world. Solution Tree has empowered K–12 educators to raise student achievement through a wide range of services and products including educator conferences, customized district solutions for long-term professional development, books, videos, online courses, and more.

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