Pocasset Elementary School

School information and demographics

School District: Tiverton School District

School Address: 242 Main Road, Tiverton, RI 02878

Web Address: Pocasset Elementary School Website

Number of Students: 260

Research indicates that “self-regulated learning is a desirable educational outcome that can be fostered by teachers who minimize academic competition, explain appropriate strategies, provide assistance during problem solving, and promote an atmosphere of collaboration in classrooms” (Paris & Newman, 1990). An analysis of student work was used to determine the effectiveness of four strategies to increase student self-regulation and in turn, improve academic achievement. These strategies include improving feedback and correcting common mathematical misconceptions via My Favorite No/Yes (Alcala, L.), utilizing mathematics vocabulary, creating a common rubric for grades one through three, and continuous practice with self reflection sheets across the curriculum. An analysis regarding the consistency between student reflections and teacher reflections of student work was conducted.